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way.● Papa outside was considered a se●vere, stern man, but he had the tenderness of● a very tender woman if you were


hurt ▓or in trouble—only expression was di●fficult to him, whereas to my mother ●it was absolutely necessary to exp


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ress with a fl▓ow of beautiful speech all she felt. They wer●e married at St.Michael’s Church, Charles▓ton, April 21, 1832, and went into t▓he country at once.There was a terrible storm o●f wind and ra

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disapproving family an appropriate sign of▓ woe.But it was only the feminine members of th●e family who were so opposed to my father.My ●uncle approved of mamma’s choice, for he ●recognized in my father r

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it and that thing we call characte▓r which is so hard to define. ● My uncle feared my mother would find only ▓raw, untrained servants in her new home,▓ so he{61} gave her a well-trained maid and s●eamstr

ess to whom she was accustome▓d,

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